… the sponsorship search takes us round the country more often lately.

Adam Nicholls and Bill Zunic took the glorious sunny weekend, 10th, 11th of March 2006 off to chase a few sponsors round the country side of NSW.

We can’t disclose whom we are chatting too obviously we cannot mention them until there is a formal relationship or it may fall through.

But the journey is great. Nothing but motorbikes on the Putty Road and the New England Highway all the way to Tamworth for a cold beer.

A tour of the Harley Davidson museum in Tamworth was fascinating with so many different bikes on show along with warm friendly informative enthusiastic information offered freely by the host Bill.

Do yourself a favour if you like mechanical works of art in motorbikes, that museum in Tamworth hosts some mighty fine machines. Just GO.

But the highlight of our trip was surely the visit to “Scott’ys Choppers” in Uralla.

I didn’t take my camera out at Scotties Choppers it was our first visit and they didn’t know whom we were or what kind of people…

Grant is a gentleman… it took a short time to warm up but we did. Then Grant showed us around the entire place and mostly all the hand built tools they make themselves so that they may work their art into those awesome fine machines.

I hope to one day take some photos of their wonderful creations, in the mean time check out their


Some photos of the trip can be found here.


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