“Royal Show”.

Andrew Hodgson and Maurice Fabietti did a great big job organising a formal entertainment entry of drag racers into the Royal Easter Show this year in Sydney.

A large group of racers along with their families brought their cars to the show for a first time display then entered the NAB stadium for a synchronised motor revving in front of thousands of onlookers.

On Monday 31st of March 2008 about fourteen different cars including Door Slammers, Outlaws, Modified, Junior, Pro Stock, bikes along with Azzopardi’s new Top Fuel machine started their engines within the arena to woo the audience in a gleaming advertisement of how exciting drag racing can be even just standing still.

The fact that probably 95% ‘if not more’ of the audience had never been to WSID was reason enough to show off.

The display of dragsters began fenced off near the members entry to the show and beside the food display hall’s. We had a surmountable amount of onlookers ask questions to which all of the teams were absolutely helpful. We had some of the elderly and children sit in a car or few with relatives or parents taking photos.

We must remember that drag racing is not a circus but a professional motor sport which we all take very seriously. No matter how difficult it is to get a team to the track without the help of sponsorship. Once commitments are made… as far as I’m concerned “the show must go on”… so without any hesitation I believe that the display was a great eye opener for many a drag racing lay person.

We would’ve sounded somewhat greater with the fanging of a top fueler or two but alas we couldn’t organise it this year.

But the show will go on. Next year the display will be even better.

Dean Neil was there he did a top job of jeering the crowd while Lee Davies and I were there to get some snap shots in support.

We did also get a good surprise when Jim Read sent one of the Californian Fire Fighting trucks over to lead the parade around the track and back.

Over all it was a great promotion of our sport so let’s all just keep up the good work.

Bill Zunic. 


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