“Nitro Champs” May 2008.

After four years hangin around the WSID I finally convinced my beautiful wife to attend this particular race meeting… she brought the kids… the eldest one has been to the track before and loves drag racing while my wife and youngest daughter thought it was all too loud. Coupl’a photos with Amanda then home they went to the log fire and Foxtel; my eldest daughter complaining she wanted to stay with her dad.

It took Skip a little while but lately Kim is a major player with Tabby Cat a trophy winner in the junior dragster stakes.

This is a family rather committed to drag racing as much as drag racing is a family sport.

Friday night saw just about the largest crowd ever in attendance probably due to the current TV coverage while I’d like to think that the Easter Show gig picked up some fans.

This sport should be easier to sell to new advertisers in the coming years with just about every void filled in terms of where the sport is seen, TV coverage at saturation point including every news bulletin showing the Read Racing teams fiery finally, multiple magazines struggling to get to press… the internet is full of websites paying homage to a great sport rescued out of the last millennium.

Skips Racing has added Andrew Hodgson to the list of sponsored teams. We get along well and will continue to work together to look for further advertisers, Andrew has a rather polished business sense which adds to our “Skips Racing” business the search for Sponsors… the guy is definitely switched on so he’ll be a lot of good help to us; welcome aboard mate. 

“The Avenger funnycar Car Team are proud to be a part of the Skips Racing network. We believe the large scale branding of both teams and track facility by Skip’s Fire Services will serve as a blueprint for larger corporations to become involved in Drag Racing and recognise the feasibility of the motorsport advertising dollar”………….Andrew Hodgson (Avenger Racing)

One thing I don’t want to lose sight of is the fact that sportsman racers and hot rod fans including the Nostalgia people are the soul and spirit of Drag Racing. They are the people who actually buy the products advertised on the side of cars which is precisely why Skips Racing saturates the track with advertising rather than simply placing one sticker on one car and throwing a bucket of money at one team we try to help everyone we can which seems to work well in terms of returned business for Skips Fire Service which without we wouldn’t be able to continue our support.

Support is the key word when it comes to actually doing more than just looking after ones own pocket. One or two magazines revolved around our sport could offer more featured articles rather than simple results which can be read virtually live on the internet. In spite of the success of the internet it seems that magazines still hold much value, I spoke to Mr Doug Iric from Wynn’s Australia he stands firm on the opinion that magazine readership still holds water better than the internet. I have to consider his opinions seriously.

A magazine featuring articles about teams and drivers would enhance those teams ability to source sponsors….i.e., If I can show my sponsors that they can get editorial exposure from my team then I can more easily convince said sponsors to stay or even spend more.

Nitro Magazine is a good new rag I’ve spoken to their management they are interested in featured articles so I intend to offer them some of my work, hopefully the relationship will be a good one.

Nitro Mag is focused on the Nostalgia teams but may cover the top end of the sport if there is worthy news.


Over all the Nitro Champs was a first class event it seems with every race we pick up the pace and the quality.

Bill Zunic.

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