Skips Fire Service is well known at the WSID track. A major supporter of many events while providing a fire fighting crew as well as the equipment. Skip has sponsored a few Drag racing teams and a Nos Sprint a speed way car and will continue to sponsor them into the future.

Skip’s affection for drag racing has recently become a major Racing team…“Skips Racing” is now officially incorporated.

Skips Racing” proudly sponsors Tabatha Saunders, Samantha Saunders, Bob Shepherd, Terry Sainty along with Norm Sainty’s Top Alcohol car, J.C Mowers Junior Dragster Division, Andrew Hodgson, Alfie’s Lambo both in the super charged outlaw class, Johno and the Dato ( Mr Reaction ) and there’s Wombat in the Group ONE door slammer top fuel SUPER STREET UTE and Harry and the ( six banger ) Torana and many others

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Bobs latest race

Amanda’s last race

Skips Fire Service, doing what we do best

Victor, still keeping the rest honest

Deno & Ben

Skips racing 1936 Chev, 350 V8 – best time 11.201 ¼ mile

Been a long time since we’ve chatted but every time I get that methanol smell in my nose I tend to think of Skips Fire Service (Racing) – Dave Saunders.It is a wonderful thing that you do with your many sponsorships in this field of racing and is just ashamed that there are not more business owners that do what you do. ....... read more.
How big could this sport be if we had another 10 of you with your commitment to the sport?

I will never sit behind the wheel of a race or drag car but I will always get the big bang effect with guys like you sponsoring and the drivers acting out my role.  Never stop what you are doing, please!email_racing.htmlemail_racing.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0

Terry Sainty

good to see new teams from interstate

nice to see old friends from interstate

Natalie's famous bum as seen on TV

Six Banger Nationals at Warrick Drag way Qld on the 19th & 20th of Sept
Cudgegong Cruisers Inaugural Car Show In
Mudgee Country NSW on the 26th & 27thCudgegong.html