Amanda Shepherd would’ve been a perfect national Ambassador for drag racing if she hadn’t retired; if ANDRA saw fit to do a sensible thing in that regard... but they didn’t… instead they let an excellent marketing opportunity go by.

One day I gotta tell the clowns in the tower at WSID that it’s difficult to sell BBQ Bob over “The Quarter Mile Smile”… I wish they’d stop referring to BBQ Bob though I can see why they do after so many spectacular explosions from his team with Amanda’s last one still being the most spectacular so far over her dad, if anyone’s keeping score.

It was really cool of Bob to take out the TV camera on his latest attempt… no-one’s done that yet.

While getting around the advertising industry as a photographer I did get to meet many marketing managers over the years but canvassing them for drag racing has been difficult because many market leaders “just cannot see the value” is what I get told often. I keep moving forward.

I’m not a big fan of PowerPoint presentations I firmly believe that you need to become a fan of drag racing before you give a shit about it at all then hopefully you might wanna throw some money at it.

Like David “Skip” Saunders he just loves the sport so he throws quite a bit of money around to help out wherever he can but there are limits to what he can do.

“Nitro Babes” is a modeling expose hopefully to marry pretty girls to our sport once it gets well off the ground. Unlike some of the sleazy modeling competitions out there we must keep Nitro Babes family friendly and clean. I shoot the page in Nitro! Magazine, Johno & Chrissi are happy to host it… the girls get paid, get professional hair & makeup, are published with a little paragraph with something constructive written about them rather than the cheesy crap other rags write.

Also… we don’t Photoshop the girls into blow up dolls; Nitro Babes are natural normal good girls.

One step at a time I’m looking for ways to expand the attention given to our sport by fans and advertisers.

I don’t ever underestimate the value of beautiful women.

Not enough is done at events; everyone looks at the stunning babes but no-one addresses any further potential so I’ve got another idea off the ground for now.

Luckily I’ve shot girls portfolios since I was sixteen which has left me with a reputation for never sleazing onto any model “ever” so girls trust me.

Wallace Bishop Racing sported some fine sports models over the weekend as did the drift car guys who did a great job of not hitting the wall more than once on the burn out pad - they had two smoking hot girls in their camp for most of the weekend as did Fabbietti’s pit… the crowd just loved Natalie’s bum on the big screen while it took the babe a few minutes to notice as she walked out to reverse Maurice back into
stage. The Auto1 girls from Read Racing are always fine, a regular feature.  

Harley Davidson is cool up on the hill I had a chat with Leah & Sarah they really liked working the weekend while the babes from PLAYERS, a nightclub in Brisbane, surely turned some heads.

Nothing I do is cheesy but if it can be… “sophisticated sexy” then we can sell aesthetically at the high end while the girls we currently shoot are filtered through what has become hundreds of applications over the last few months because it’s a quality product lots of girls wanna be NITRO BABES.

I’m looking forward to shooting the girls I spoke to over the 2009 Nationals weekend…

The Nostalgia juggernaut travels right around the country with Johnno & Chrissi so this is the best place for Nitro Babes to be… good clean fun is the key. Once again the high end of drag racing has missed out on smart advertising potential and I’m quite sure that now that the NDRA has picked up on the Nitro Babes potential… Nitro Babes is better off with the grass roots of this sport.

Bill Zunic.


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